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At Hush we love brows and take time and careful attention to detail to achieve the shape you like and which  suits your face! We highly recommend you try our designer brow service if you need a new shape and updated styling!

Designer Brows Only $59 with Jess – Includes measuring, design consult, Eyebrow waxing, trimming and tweezing , henna or tint and brow make up application.

Eyebrow Wax & Tidy    $19

EyeBrow Shape $22

Henna tint.   $18

Eyebrow tint   $15

Eyebrow Wax & Tint   $32 with senior $35

Eyebrow & Lip.   $28

Eyebrow Lip & Chin Tidy    $30


Eyelash Tint $24

Eyelash Tint with Hydrating Collagen Mask & Massage $38

Great for dark circles, relieving fine lines and tired eyes.

YUMI Keratin Lash Lift and Tint  $99

Add brows / or brow tint /Lip wax during service only $10

Classic Eyelash Extensions.  $89

Hybrid Eyelash Extensions.  $110

Refills from $69


  • Eyebrow wax and Tint and Eyelash Tint just $52
  • Eyebrow wax and YUMI Eyelash Lift and Tint just $115