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Teeth Whitening

Relax and enjoy our Professional Teeth Whitening service at a fraction of the cost of the dentist!  Teeth Whitening works best on YELLOW teeth.  It will not lightening grey teeth.

We can whiten all teeth in good condition. Its a good idea to visit the dentist first and ensure you have no fillings or gum problems, plus get a clean so the whitening will work best!

We cannot treat you if pregnant, breast feeding, have holes or cracks in your teeth or any pain and get problems.

Please note you should follow a WHITE DIET after treatment. So avoid all high coloured food and eat white foods only for 24-48 hours for best results. Coffee , wine, berries, curries etc.

Triple Treatment – Approx 90 Minutes $149
Ultra Whitening- 2 x sessions, 2 weeks apart $249

Home kits are available. Very good results achieved with these from just $49.