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Vani T Tan Eraser - tan removal mousse - 200ML

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A golden faux glow is a year-round essential – but nothing can ruin the sun-kissed vibe quite like unwanted fake tan buildup or uneven application. For a fast fix, reach for our revolutionary Tan Eraser Mousse. In just 5 minutes, you’ll literally wipe off your old self-tan and prime your skin for your next flawless colour.

When it comes to exfoliation, skin firming and skin brightening, the Tan Eraser Tan Removal Mousse has cracked the code. Combining an innovative blend of natural exfoliants (Quandong, Sodium Bicarbonate and fruit enzymes), you won’t just lose your old tan - your skin will gain brightness, softness and tone. 

Your scrubbing days are over, too. The triple exfoliants do all the hard work for you, without irritating your skin. No more hiding out until the redness subsides.

Get to know our Tan Removal Mousse and you’ll never look down at patchy feet after the weekend again.

Need convincing? Check out the findings of our recent trials*:

  • 90% said Tan Eraser Mousse was highly effective in removing fake tan
  • 85% said their skin looked and felt smoother after use
  • 90% said they would purchase the product again

*Results obtained using the product in one application, following a self-assessment from 20 women

Skin type
Perfect for all skin types

How often
Whenever you want to bid sayonara to your existing tan

How long
Just 5 minutes to tan-free skin